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We are Get All Our team, LLC and welcome to Kendall, our team .com. We provide WordPress themes, plugins, PHP scripts and premium resources created and redistributed under the Our team.  

 Account creation

In your time with us, you agree to follow the basic rules outlined in these terms, so please read and understand them carefully.

Acceptance of Terms

use of the Get All Our team site is conditional on your acceptance of these terms and privacy policy whether you are a member or not.


When you become a registrar or Member, you get access to our guide for things to use according to the Our team license. Only real people, who use their accurate information, can sign up for getting All Our team.


Eighteen years of age, this adult will be responsible for all your activities with his or her consent.

Your obligation

Subscription is not transferable. You are responsible for getting All Our team that occurs the connection you must notify us immediately.


Depending on the digital content’s nature, it can download immediately after purchase; there is no “trial” or “grace period” after the purchase to register any product, which means that all sales are final. Since it cannot provide such refunds unless we make changes to these terms that affect you most in your injury, in such a case, the refund will be paid for any unused months.

Refund Requests

We will evaluate claims for eligibility, but in general, there is no obligation to provide a refund if:

  • change your mind;
  • you have registered by mistake;

Product Support

It will work as you wish or with all components of third-party plugins. We cannot offer technical support for downloads. The third-party products provided are supported by their authors and not Get All Our team. Our permission is limited to billing and technical inquiries regarding the website of the gallery team. 

Good play and morals

Your use of the Get All Our team includes content and materials must be following our policies from time to time, including any applicable usage policy. Being a Registrar / Member is not an automatic right; it is for the benefit of those who follow our reasonable rules. But we may use common sense and determine if getting All Our team complies with these terms. We may suspend or terminate your registration account at any time for any reason (applicable), including:

  • if you violate these terms;
  • if you act in a manner inconsistent with the values ​​of our society; or
  • if you work in a way that could create other people or us.
  • If we decide to permanently terminate your Get All Our team account, you must not apply for a new account; unfortunately, it will no longer accept it.
  • Harassment and excessive negligence on the part of our employees or other customers;
  • Repeated defamatory, malicious, and false statements involving slander and attempts to persuade potential buyers to purchase our products;
  • Promoting competing products, contributing to software vulnerabilities, hacking, spam, or other illegal activities
  • We are attempting to violate our fair use policy.

Fair Use Policy

We use the correct download policy. Discover All Our team designed for individuals to operate using their personal information. We respect our team’s purpose and therefore have nothing against Our team sites that are members of the Get All Our squad and use the Get All Our team to add products to its stock. It is not allowed within getting All Our team.

Membership and Price Changes

Additionally, we may add new downloads with or without notice. Prices for any products may change at any time by posting changes on our website.

Trademark, copyright claims and IP

Please refer to the details in our copyright policy.

Responsibility and Responsibility

It frees us from all losses, costs (including total legal fees), costs, claims or liabilities arising out of, or connected with, a third party claim regarding the use of getting All Our team or any item or service.

Get All the Our team, and the website features are made available to you “AS IS”. We discard all warranties, disclosures or representations, including any express or implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose.

we do not take liability for any of the following: loss of income, loss of interest, loss of interest, loss of customers, loss of revenue, subsequent or special loss, damage or expense; and

The total amount of your debt to you is limited to the total amount you paid to us for your subscription within six months before the claim date.


We strive for getting All Our team available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Still, you know how the internet works: sometimes, you may not be able to access the Get All Our team, and this can happen for any reason, at any time, or without notice, or at our sole discretion. We can also change the Get All Our team system features, including the types of content.


you promise us that you have the full legal authority to arrest that third party. Remember that only real people can sign up for getting All Our team.

Consumer rules

There may be exceptions to warranties, guarantees or other rights (‘excluding consumer guarantees’). We do not exclude, limit or alter consumer guarantees that it may include in these terms. Except for non-excluded consumer guarantees, we are only responsible for the express promises made in these terms. Our obligation to violate a non-exclusive consumer guarantee is limited, at our discretion, to replace or pay the cost of replacing an appropriate item or service (unless the excluded consumer guarantee means otherwise). It would be best to use an object that violates any export laws that apply to you.

Blocking, enabling subscribers or refusing to process payment

We may block you, terminate your registration it violates the law or regulation. You promise that you are not in the permitted country and not on the approved list. We can also block the country’s members by making payments. We may take any action mentioned in this section without notice. Since our site is worldwide, many different rules may apply, affecting our relationship with you.


It must email any notification you send us. Any information we send will email you to the email address you provided.

Changes to these terms

We may change these names at any time and, if we make any changes, we will take reasonable steps to notify our subscribers of the changes. If the changes we are making have a significant impact on you, you can cancel your registration following paragraph 7 above. Whether the change has a substantial effect on you in your injury depends on the type of change and your specific circumstances. For example, a change that causes you to receive a transaction fee or that removes the entire category of items may have a material effect on the amount you receive on our website.

Removing individual items or specific changes that clarify the terms will usually not have a material effect on you that will harm you.


Words like ‘include’ and ‘include’ are not limited words, and where anything is within our comprehension means only our understanding.


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